July 4th, 2011

5 tangible ways to add brand value

With an abundance of brand choices and information only a Google query away, the need for relevant brand or product differentiation has increased.  Not always large, these distinctive elements can take many forms: product feature, added-value service, packaging, content, or even a branded app.  What they all share is a tight strategic link to the brand and all reinforce a clear brand story.

Here are a few recent examples that have stood out for me.

  1. One of the best at adding product features to reinforce a more innovative positioning is Chase bank.  Chase was the first to scan check deposits, simplifying the process and providing a visual record. Their more recent Quick Deposit feature using your iPhone goes one step further, and saves you a trip.  Smart stuff in a more tech savvy world.
  2. Best Buy's Geek Squad makes them the go-to expert for all your consumer electronic needs.  Going beyond the right product selection, they come to your home and help you set up your computer, scanner, or TV.  They can also be relied on to fix them if they break (which seems to happen more frequently).  While this is a paid service, the Geek Squad provides additional reassurance as products get increasingly more complex.
  3. On the packaging front, I continue to love Diet Pepsi's skinny can.  The tall, thin can hints at the benefits of diet drinks and makes regular soda cans look squat and calorie-laden. It is reminiscent of of the younger, hipper Red Bull and the ice-tea shape screams refreshment:  the category benefit.  I feel skinny just looking at it.
  4. American Express Open becomes distinctive through content.  Helpful information on marketing, finance, and management can all be found at American Express Open or on Facebook where they have a thriving small business community. For many entrepreneurs, these are frequent reminders of AmEx’s commitment to small business. Broadening their positioning beyond just credit cards, it makes AmEx the logical choice for the financial products they need to run their business.  
  5. There are many examples of helpful apps that reinforce brand positioning (Kraft iFood Assistant, Amazon Price Check, My Equinox) and more that do not.  One of my favorites is Today’s Shoe from Bergdorf Goodman.  Bergdorf continues to demonstrate an intimate understanding of the passion women have for shoes and their position as the inspirational category leader. Like their shoe department experience, they romance the shoe and treat it as buyable art.  Built to dream, share, and buy Today’s Shoe reinforces the luxury perception of the Bergdorf brand.

Are there any brands that stand out for you?


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